Migrating GoldMine to Microsoft CRM 3.0

How to migrate a Goldmine 6.5 database to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0


This is the documentation of the SQLTree project that migrates a Goldmine 6.5 database to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. The project itself is available for free via this link. The project migrates all the basic data, such as accounts (companies), contacts, annotations (notes) as well as contact history entries such as emails, phone calls and faxes. Relationships (referrals) and group data can also be transfered, but require some adjustments and customization of the project to fit each unique scenario.

Although the project/script is finished, the documentation is currently still a work in progress. I am adding to it bit by bit as I find time.

Please note that it will take you some time to get this set up and running. Even for a very basic Goldmine database you are probably looking at around 1 to 2 weeks of work for this. It is a lot less than what it would otherwise take you, if you started from scratch (The guy using DMF at Scurvy Jake's Pirate Blog said it took him around 6 months to get it all down - and he only included the barest essentials in his code).


Need Help?

Not got the time or expertise to get this project/script set up for your databases?
Need it customizing?
Want to get your data migrated for you?
I provide migration services based on this project. As the project itself is free, I only charge for the extra time involved in setting it up and adjusting to your system. I am usually able to do this a lot faster (often within a few days for basic data transfers) than a migration would otherwise take.
Please feel free to contact me, or visit www.gillsoftware.com for more information.

Change Log:

04. February 2008:

Accounts now have the same address as their primary contact.
Started on documentation of Phase 2.

17. January 2008:

Minor Bugfix.

26. November 2007:

Updated migration script on relationships.
Added instructions for migrating relationships.

23. October 2007:

Phase 1 documentation completed.
Updated the migration script to remove random occurrences of null-terminated descriptions on Faxes and Phone Calls + added a few other little fixes.

29. September 2007:

Pruned the migration script of a few unnecessary fields.
Updated the migration history page.

13. September 2007:

Updated the layout and added a bit to the guide.

17. August 2007:

Updated the migration script to include a few bugfixes.

09. August 2007:

Updated the migration script to include a few bugfixes.

12. July 2007:

This guide is not finished. I am putting it online as I get down to writing it and will be adding to it over the next days/weeks (...ok, it seems to be taking me longer than expected...).
The actual project itself is now finished and works well. I have now put the source project file online, but be aware that it will most likely need adjusting to your own requirements. Also a new version of SQLTree is now out, with a bunch of new features that were necessary in order to put the project file online.
If you have questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email at .

Copyright Jonathan Gill 2007